casseroles in Minnesota

Season of Casseroles

Mostly-Made casseroles

In 2014, Wayzata’s Jillian McGary came up with the idea for Mostly Made, her partially-prepared-meals company. She wanted to help families, especially those who might be going through a tough time, with pre-prepped dinner ingredients.

Review: Lake Minnetonka's Best Casseroles and Hot Dishes

Order the turkey; make sure it’s organic, local and free-range. Find a new stuffing recipe that incorporates organic and local wild rice. Stop by the farmers’ market to pick up some local, organic squash. Find out where to get an organic, local pie. Develop a vegan side-dish option for your son’s new girlfriend. Is it local? Is it organic?

Is this refrain in your head? If so, are you dizzy yet? This time of year, everything food-related gets complicated. We need nourishing comfort without the fuss. How about a nice casserole—made by someone else?

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