Food & Drink

Summers are for sipping—and lingering, laughing and lounging with friends. Here’s a handy happy hour guide (numbered in no particular order) to the lake area’s best spots for laid-back eats and delicious drinks that’ll help you (almost) forget there’s such a thing as work or winter.

Nothing says summer like a farmers market. Sunshine and fresh air invigorate shoppers and vendors alike, creating a picture-perfect setting for fresh, locally grown produce, foods and flowers, and for enjoying live music and entertainment.

Fruits and Veggies

The Admissions

Agra Culture, opening this spring in the Finn in Highland Park, offers a variety of food that appeals to many diets including paleo, vegan, gluten free and vegetarian.

Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen

Norway’s constitution was signed on May 17, 1814, and declared the country independent (in the hope of avoiding a takeover by Sweden after the Napoleonic Wars).

Stunning lake views. Sun-drenched deck seating. A wear-what-you-want vibe. They’re things you could find in a real estate listing for any Lake Minnetonka home.

Entrée Nous founder Elizabeth Menke visited a European food festival that offered a guide to the area’s best dining spots. Afterward, she decided that the Twin Cities could use a similar approach to our beloved mealtimes.

Paris for One & Other Stories

For 20 years D’Amico & Sons on Grand Avenue has been offering tried and true meals that customers love. But, co-founder Larry D’Amico says, that can be a source of both praise and complaint.