Adam Hegg: New Wayzata High School Musical Director

Wayzata High school theater department welcomes Adam Hegg to their staff.

Adam Hegg originally did not have plans for a career shift. Content in his teaching position at the FAIR school in Crystal and downtown Minneapolis  since 2001, applying for the position of Wayzata High School musical director seemed unnecessary.
But Hegg, a father of two, finally applied after encouragement from numerous sources. Prompted by positive experiences with Wayzata students and a teaching job offer, he recently accepted the position at Wayzata High School. He replaces David Doering, the director for the past five years, who retired after last season. Hegg will also direct Wayzata’s spring musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

“My entire job is to be a resource for students, and to make sure the theater programming at Wayzata is above and beyond what I can imagine,” Hegg says.

This fall, Hegg is directing Kiss Me Kate. An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, Kate transports its audiences to the late 1940s, during musical theater’s heyday. A show within a show, Hegg says audiences can expect both moving moments and lots of comedy.

Wayzata is renowned for their productions, including last year’s The Sound of Music. Kiss Me Kate brings new life to the Shakespeare’s characters and grounds the play in a musical setting, with songs by Cole Porter.

Hegg hopes to bring “an opportunity for every student interested in theater to truly shine, to find what they are most interested in in the theater, and take with them what they are most interested in into their daily lives.”

7:30 p.m., November 7–9, 14–15
2 p.m., November 16
Wayzata High School
4955 Peony Lane, Plymouth