Win Free Art! Enter Artsyo's Saddest Wall Contest

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Every house has one: the ugly, underperforming wall. You've seen it: 12x10 feet and bearing only a paltry letter-sized college diploma. Or worse, an over-sized novelty clock.

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands* of works by local artists live like unemployed post-grads: perpetually hanging out in coffee houses or leaning against storage sheds.

Stop this neglect. Give local art a home.

Thanks to locally-grown online art-finder Artsyo, you don't have to leave your home to do so. Browse oodles of art by name, medium, size - even color and Seattle neighborhood - and with a click of a button, you're connected to either the representing gallery, the artist or (more recently) Artsyo's direct sale portal (Artsyo used to stay out of the sale completely, but they are evolving to be more of a go-between, taking payment upfront and delivering the work themselves). The website takes a 30 percent commission from sales of works that don't already owe commissions to galleries.

The site is founded by Sarah Brooks and Stella Laurenzo, who seem to strike a good balance of loving art and tech, which explains why the site is easy-to-use and not built on a janky Wordpress theme. Also, there's plenty of good art to find there.

Last but not least, the team has launched a clever idea for a contest: submit a picture of your saddest wall, along with a sad story about why the wall needs art, and you could win a chance to pick a piece of art from the site - and get it for free.

Your sad wall gets decorated, the art gets a home, you risk no buyer's remorse. Everyone is happy. The end.

Contest details on the Artsyo website:

1. Take a picture of your saddest wall and email it to by November 29th. Don’t forget to include a tear-jerking story (50 words or less) about why your wall needs art, and needs it bad.

2. Like Artsyo on Facebook.

3. Go pick out your favorite piece on Artsyo in anticipation of your inevitable victory!

After November 29th, we’ll choose the five most creative and compelling entries and post the finalists to the Artsyo Facebook page. Then it will be up to popular vote, and the entry with the most votes will win the prize.


The winner of the contest gets to choose any piece of original art worth up to $500 on Artsyo. We’ll buy it, frame it, and show up at your door for a little art-hanging party (kind of like the barn-raising parties of olden times, but classier and not as physically strenuous).

UPDATE! Send in your entry by Friday, November 16th and be entered in a TOTALLY RANDOM LOTTERY (sans stressful Facebook popularity contest) to win any piece on Artsyo worth up to $100! You’ll still be eligible for the grand prize, too. But, as they say, only the early bird gets the $100 art worm.


*I made this number up.