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A Seattle native, Berger has served as editor of  Seattle Weekly three times in the last two decades and authored the popular Mossback column on Seattle politics and goings-on. He is also the founding editor and publisher of Eastsideweek, one of the country's first suburban alternative weeklies and former editor of Washington magazine. Knute's column in Seattle magazine offers a critical look at the changing face of our city and region. As editor at large, Berger contributes his insight to Seattle's politics, culture and civic issues. Berger also appears weekly on KUOW's "Weekday with Steve Scher" to review the news of the week. His Mossback column is now featured on He is author of Pugetopolis, which contains some of his best Seattle magazine columns and, more recently, Space Needle: Spirit of Seattle, the culmination of his work as the Space Needle's writer-in-residence.


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