Northwest Travel

With Haley Durslag, Cassie Gruber and Jake Laycock

As Seattle continues its boom, the relaxed charm of small towns seems all the more attractive

It seems that in terms of technology hubs, Seattle has got it all: Microsoft (of course), Amazon’s expansive urban campus, and now, the shiny sheen of

This past Memorial Day weekend, my partner and I packed our bags for a getaway. We opted to hop the state line and head to Bend, Oregon, since it's a short drive from Seattle and on that particular weekend, was forecasted to be rain free.

Warm soaking pools, better known as hot springs, have become highly sought-after travel destinations.

WHERE: San Juan Island, Washington’s bucolic getaway, a few hours’ drive and a ferry ride from downtown Seattle.

Seeing iconic landmarks and historical sites is part of the allure of travel, but often it's the little things—the hidden gems that don't appear in guidebooks or brochures—that make a trip unforgettable.

Get ready for takeoff with these private plane experiences for any budget

On a sunny summer weekend last year, I loaded my car with a tent, camping stove and border collie and hit the road, in hopes of finding a spot in a state campground near Deception Pass.

WHERE: Camano Island, a cozy enclave that’s a little less than 90 minutes northwest of Seattle via State Route 532.