Local Designer Picked Up by Macy’s in (Frenetic) Fashion Star Premiere

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Blink and you missed it, but Sammamish designer Lizzie Parker was one of the lucky few to secure a winning bid on the debut of NBC’s Fashion Star Tuesday night. A spin on the fashion design competition a la Project Runway, the show puts the designers in front of buyers from H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s each week; if they get a bid from a buyer, their clothes appear in the respective store the next day. If not, they are up for elimination. (Oh, and Jessica Simpson, Nicole Ritchie and John Varvatos are there too to act as “mentors.” Or something.) But since this was the series premiere, I can’t help but give my two cents:

With her win, Parker’s asymmetrical knit top is now available for $79 at select Macy’s stores and online. I love the instant gratification of getting to buy what you see on TV. Plus, we have not one, but two designers to root for (Madison Park designer Lisa Hunter also survived week one, but sadly hardly had any screen time outside of a disappointed look when her design didn’t receive a bid).


But if the rest of season anything like the premiere, which bounced around like a pit bull hopped up on Red Bull, it will be frenetic watching at best: Elle MacPherson has a lingerie line you need to know about! Smoke! Cut to a designer crying! Inexplicable go-go dancers! A dress! Who knows who designed it? Who cares? Jessica Simpson!

I am wholeheartedly excited for these local gals, who are indeed true talents. But they deserve to get more air-time than the fog machine.