Kill the Keg Happy Hours + Free Burgers

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Death to Kegs!

Something about drinking wine from a keg makes people want to do other off-kilter, Bacchanalian things, like glug it from mason jars, paper cups or directly from the spout, or, say, try to drink an entire keg of it in one sitting.

It's not the least bit surprising that the folks at Walla Walla's Proletariat Wine Company, one of the winemakers responsible for steamrolling the keg wine trend into Seattle area bars and restaurants, has gone ahead and made it formal. At Kill the Keg, a roving happy hour of sorts, they descend once a week on one of the many establishments that serves their wine, offering glass pours on selected premium varieties for just $3 (normally at least $8) in order to further their goal of drinking an entire keg of wine dry in one night.

"The logic behind the events was to introduce people to our product and supporting the restaurants that have helped us," says Proletariat's Darin Williams.

If I've counted correctly, over the course of a dozen or so such nights thus far, they've succeeded in their mission a total of twice: At Forza Coffee Company at Greenlake (the caffeinated strategy was a good one, not to mention a major steal for their excellent viognier roussanne), and most recently at Locöl, where West Seattleites made swift work of a barrel of pinot gris on a sunny patio.

The next three kegs on death row are as follows:

Friday, July 27: The Cask (West Seattle); Sauvignon Blanc

Thursday, August 2: Belle Epicurean/Provisions (Madison Park); Sauvignon Blanc

Friday, August 17: West Seattle Bowl; Pinot Gris

Event news is posted on Proletariat's Facebook page, where incidentally, if you're the 500th fan by Labor Day you'll score some Proletariat swag as well as gift cards to the restaurants they serve.

You said free burgers. Spill the ketchup, already

National Hamburger Day is Saturday, July 28th. I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to every industry marketing team in America proclaiming a national day to consume their product, but heck, 8 oz. Burger Bar on Capitol Hill is giving out free sliders from 4-6 p.m. on this National Hamburger Day, so I can't resist taking the bait. Shoot me if you must, but please do still have a free burger. Their local-ingredient-boasting, tavern-style burgers are delicious

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