We’re used to seeing chefs breaking a sweat, but it’s usually on the line in the kitchen.

Restaurants and stores have long relied on shared traffic to drive business.

We’re admittedly a bit of a broken record when it comes to chefs Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang: The couple’s first restaurant, Joule, serves some of the best and most original globe-trotting cuisine going in Seattle.

AJ Epstein doesn’t know quite what to call himself.

Hey, anyone want to join me for a day of playing hooky and having lunch at the beach? Great, we’ll just stop at this pink roadside shack in Ballard for onion sandwiches and hit Golden Gardens.

The Fremont-based organic chocolate purveyor Theo has gained a well-earned reputation for fair trade cacao bean sourcing as well as innovative collaborations—for example, creating chocolates in cahoots with perfumers, tea makers and local Fremont