Seattle has long been known as a book lover’s haven, and Sasquatch Books, a venerated local publishing company, has played a major role in helping to mold and shape the city’s lit life.

DYK? Seattle is in the top five for most literate cities in America (and has been for years).

It’s time for the next chapter in Seattle’s citywide reading group

Spring and summer puts us in mind of sun and light reading fare—so we wanted to ask some of the busiest professionals we know, doctors, to confess to their guilty pleasure reads—the books or magazines that help them unwind from hi

!--paging_filter--pspanMaybe penning the great American novel is out of your reach, but there is a way to help to birth a bonafide book./span/p

For the past 45 years, young women—mostly First Nations—have disappeared along Highway 16 in British Columbia. Some were found murdered, others were never seen again.

Kim Fu, 26, grew up in Canada as the only writer in a family of scientists and engineers.

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