Easy Salted Caramel S'mores

An extra decadent version of the classic campfire dessert.

When the late-evening air is infused with the smell of a crackling campfire, there’s no better nightcap than a mug of warm cocoa and a melty, chocolatey s’more.

In this extra-decadent version, we’ve taken Cougar Mountain chocolate chip cookies and sandwiched between them toasted marshmallows and the ultra-rich, dark chocolate salted caramels from Jo’s Candies (jos-candies.com).

Try this at your next cookout—it’s an easy and delicious twist on that childhood classic.

2 Cougar Mountain chocolate chip cookies; 2 Jo’s dark chocolate salted caramels; 2 large marshmallows

1. Top one cookie with two of Jo’s dark chocolate salted caramels.
2. Skewer and toast the marshmallows over a campfire or grill until golden, turning them so they don’t burn.
3. Place the marshmallows on the dark chocolate salted caramels.
4. Top with the remaining cookie, press down slightly and gobble.

Originally published in July 2010