Best Thing Our Food Editor Ate This Weekend: Villa Jerada Argan Almond Butter

Washington wildflower honey adds depth to ancient Moroccan amlou
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Almond butter is one of those things I can’t live without. Coffee. Red wine. Almond butter. Cheese. Probably in that order. But this stuff--this stuff--may just push red wine out of the No. 2 spot.

Seattle-based Villa Jerada, which specializes in Moroccan spices and products, makes its almond butter in the ancient Moroccan tradition. Amlou, as it is known, is a blend of culinary argan oil and almonds, to which Villa Jerada adds wildflower honey from Washington. They source the fair trade organic culinary argan oil from Southwestern Morocco and almonds from California. Argan oil has a naturally nutty flavor, so the whole experience, from the creamy rich texture, dark caramel color, and slightly sweet depth, is a notch higher than any nut butter I’ve had. You can find it for $16 at Marx Foods (144 Western Ave W in Queen Anne) or on their website, Marx Pantry.


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